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Information Technology

At Fleming Construction, we pride ourselves on working in a modern secure environment. Our internal network is running the latest software, and hardware configurations, made available to the Construction industry in Ireland. Along with some external companies,
Westlan, ATec Computing, and Cable & Wireless , we supply an up to date high speed network, to our office and remote sites. With information being one of the most important parts of our company’s decisions, we rely on various mediums for its transport.

As part of our WAN infrastructure, we have decided on a secure VPN channel to transmit mails, drawings, printing and plotting to our larger sites. This enables decisions to be made instantly, the correct drawings to be issued, and time saved on the construction of sites all over the country. All of our Contracts Managers have Blackberry devices
which allows them to keep in contact with various design teams, architects, and sites 24x7. We have also included our Dublin sites to have IP based cameras, and we can monitor progress in a real-time environment. 

With a bigger demand on information and technology, we have included high end services to our newer and more exclusive developments. Heatherfield, and the Fota Island resort being the first to benefit from our modern cabling infrastructure. Within the Fota development, all houses are linked with fibre optic, for high speed IPTV, Telephony, Monitoring, and broadband. Various other solutions are being offered in the hotel, such as Wi-Fi and a secured managed Network.